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Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!

At Holy Hill Tabernacle (or HHT) we believe you want to experience and practice genuineness in Christianity and your church.  In other words, "being real with GOD and for GOD."  We believe you want to know what the Bible teaches us about GOD, about life, about you and me, and everything else. Holy Hill Tabernacle is a Christian church in Baltimore, Maryland that's all about Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people! In helping you get connected to GOD, His word and His people, you'll discover your GOD-given place in life now, for the future and even to future generations. When you're connected to GOD, His word and His people, you become a person of purpose and passion, living a life of meaning - and that affects every area of your life!

If Sundays leave you feeling more like you've spent a day at work instead of engaged in the reverent worship of Almighty GOD, we invite you and welcome you and your family to worship with us this Sunday at HHT.

HHT is leading people back to the standards set by GOD's Word, the Bible; standards that define manhood and womanhood; give us strong principles about our moneylife and relationships, deathsex - everything

Plan to be our guest this Sunday by stopping by our ""Location & Service Time" page. Also, listen to / download our free messages from the "Messages" page.  Then take a look at the "What to Expect" and "About Us" pages. Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to see you really soon!

In Christ's service,

Pastor Tremaynne (Getting you connected to GOD, His word and His people!)

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